New percentage of care discount added to report alimony standards

Door Kim Van Oosten op 18 Jan 2018 / Plaats een reactie

The non-custodial parent, or the parent with the arrangement, makes a cost for the children during the time that the children are staying with him/her. A part of the children's need is provided in kind. In calculating the child alimony to be paid by the non-custodial parent, this is taken into account by applying care discount. The care discount is expressed in percentages of the need that match-holidays counted-the number of days the children spend at the non-custodial parent.

Previously, the maintenance standards report only knew a discount rate of 15%, 25% or 35%. Since 1 January 2018, a percentage of 5% has also been added. Thus we now know as a rule of thumb the following percentages:

5% for shared care for less than 1 day per week
15% for shared care on average 1 day per week
25% for shared care on average 2 days a week
35% for shared care on average 3 days a week.

Exceptions to the application of the care discount are possible, for example because the parent in which the children do not have their main residence does not comply with the arrangements.

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